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Sissy Training Roulette 1

I thought it only fitting to begin with the image that convinced me to create this blog in the first place.

(First posted on NewFapChan)

For the uninitiated this is a "fap roulette." A fap roulette is basically a set of instructions for masturbation (i.e. fapping) organized according to assigned numbers. This number can be from a random number generator or - the origin of fap roulettes - a chan board's post number.

For example:
If your post number were 30012203927 (or your random number generator created 3927), your W = 3, X = 9, Y = 2 and Z = 7. Or more detailed.

  • W3 - Always sit to pee. Make sure you wipe your clitty!
  • X9 - Power of 3! Do (3) [that is wear a bra that matches your panties as well as a skirt, heels and pantyhose], (6) [wearing the sluttiest makeup you can manage] and a consecutive Y minutes [Y in this example is 2, so 2 minutes] of tucking your clitty before you can move on to Y.
  • Y2 - Small fuck. 1 finger in ass while you fap.
  • Z7 - Cum in your panties and sleep in them.

Early fap roulettes focused on the porn you were to watch and what you did before and during fapping. Soon "cum lover" fap roulettes appeared, describing what you should do with your cum. Crossdressing, BSDM, and other roulette types soon appeared. And that's how we got here.

Of course, if you don't have a RNG or a chan board handy there's always online generators like random.org. Or you could flip 14 quarters and learn binary.

Let me know how you roll and how your W works out! Or your XYZ if you're feeling adventurous.

Since so many sissies (aspiring and full-fledged) seem to stop by this roulette: there's other great fap and sissification materials spread throughout the site, but if you ended up here you'd probably like the second Sissy Training Roulette.