Yes! Yes! Yes! This white gurls dream!!!!

OMG! All my life this is my nightly dream. Without fail.

(Thanks wgbbc)

I do so love being his!

I love him balls deep inside me!

My favorite position ... on my back and my legs spread for him.

And I am his anywhere, any time he needs me.

Captures my feelings and lifestyle totally

Thanks Niggas Rule

I love his chocolate in my mouth!
At least 10" ... always!

I too never say 'No' to a black man.

I can definitely agree.

I know for a fact ... black men are superior ... in many ways.

I'd be mighty proud of HIM too!

... (thanks wackinaway blog for the pics)

And my mouth would be watering and I'd be licking my lips to have HIM ... every day.

My life and dreams come true

Yes, a handsome sexy black man for me every time.

My life and happy being a gurl!

Positions I like!

Thanks to

Tiffanystrappedtransvestitecaps for the caps.

Submit To Black ... love your stuff

Each one is soooooooo right and exactly how I feel!

It really is pure heaven

Pleasing him ...

and being his

Absolutely the BEST and ONLY place to be ...  HIS!

Oh yeah, definetly me.

It is so nice to hear words like this from my lover. I always enjoy his beautiful black cock inside me.

Basically ... me!His 'Spear of Power and Life' inside me ... what's not to like.

Yes, my first time too! Lasting moments of awe and pleasure.
Black men are the best lovers.

Yes, it was inevitable. (Speaking only for myself of course.)

When my "Real Man" comes home

Missed you 'Baby'! (Luv the outfit and heels.)
Just for him.
Dress for him too.  Keep him rock hard when he is home.

 Taking care of his needs ... daily. Hourly if need be.

Luv this dress too.

Or just plain out and about ... on his arm. (I luv being dressed for him in dresses, heels and hose.)

[Thanks (S)heplacements.blogspot]

A place I like to be

Been there ... and enjoy pleasing a real man, where ever he needs it.

[Thanks Samantha De Savory]

A caption that is true for me!

9[Don't know the author of this caption however he/she captures me perfectly. Thank you.]

Once was all it took ... and now its for life

I belong to Black now!

Black men are just plain hard to resist for this gurl. Impossible really!

My calling!

Yes, the White House Wife who SERVES Big, Beautiful Black Cock.

Yes! I am all his ....

In a motel or any bed really.

I love being dominated by a REAL MAN!


Been there! Done that! Love it!!!!!

(Thanks wgbbc)

When ever and where ever

I love pleasing a black man ... when ever and where ever he needs me.

I especially love being on my back with my legs spread to accept his manhood and his weight dominating me and pleasing me.

Blacks certinly do have superior cocks! In every way.

[Thanks Blonds and Blacks]

Yes! He is all I want inside me.

My body truly does ache ... until I have is magnificent black cock inside me filling me with his seed.

And then aches again ... until I get his beautiful black cock is back inside me all over again.