Bimbo High #1

Hello all! So recently I've been doing a series called "Adams Family Photo Album", which I've really enjoyed doing and has gotten some small support from the few of you that swing by this little blog site. I really do enjoy doing it, and will continue in the future, but recently I've been inspired to go back to the roots of this blog. I wanted this site to pay homage to some of the similar themes of Elena Starz's blog, and the iconic theme right before she left was the "How to be a Blonde Bimbo" series, a series about a college class that required male students to dress and act like blonde bimbos to pass. I loved this series and dreamed of a idea that many others have toyed with over on other blogs and story sites - the idea of a school that turns boys to bimbos. I wanted to do this in a high school setting, a private academy or boarding school that turns unaware/unwilling boys into bimbos, both as a homage to Elena and as a fun series to do. So here are the first two caps, to give you an idea of what its going to be about, and expect more caps about "Bimbo High" in the future! Enjoy!

Song Story - A New Idea!

Hello again all! I've been really busy of late! :) I've thought of another idea that I want to play with on this blog! Like the "Bimbo High" idea, its not really original because other TG captioners/writers have done something similar to it, but its new to me and I still want to do it. What is "it", you ask? Well "it" is an abbreviated TG Cap done to the toon of a popular song! Basically, there are a lot of songs out there with lyrics that are BEGGING for a TG idea based on the song with some lyrics altered (but still in the same rhythm that you'd sing the song!). Here is my first try based on the song, "Glad You Came" by The Wanted. Check it out!

So I've discovered that it's sometimes hard to get full context for a story inside the song if the lyrics are short and repetitive (as is the case for this song), but if I get more ideas I'll do this again! Also, if you have suggestions for good songs to spoof, let me know! Ideally there is at least one or two lines in the song that would pertain to some TG aspect, but shoot me a song name in the comments below and I'll try to work with it! Also, I will be posting a video of the actual song I use too, both to share some music and give you something to listen to the see what the song is like when you're reading my lyrics. Here is a link to this song if you want to get the tune in your head while you read the cap!

Student "Body" President Sidney Davis

Hi all! I got two lovely comments from MsLaraYves and Kathryn giving me praise on my first "Bimbo High" caption, and that has really motivated me to get captioning more for this series, so thank you to both of you! These next couple of captions coming up will be explaining some general concepts, ideas, and important people/positions at the Best Institute, otherwise known as Bimbo High. However, if there are more than just two of you reading these, I would like to know if I should:
  1. Tell stories as an outside observer about what "might happen" at Bimbo High in 2013 (as in future tense) with some anecdotes from 'previous years' that can be more specific.
  2. Tell stories in real time with more dialogue between characters and/or descriptions of what actually happened to the Bimbo High Class of 2013 upon entry to the school.
  3. Tell stories from the perspective of one student who is attending Bimbo High for the first time as a student in the class of 2013, meaning third person descriptions with references to the narrator/the narrator's understanding as well as dialogue between the narrator and other students.
I hope I explained these possibilities well enough for the bimbos of you out there :p  I could mix options and don't have to have an answer now, but if I am going to do JUST option 3 I would like to know soon so I can start developing the characteristics/personality of the student who will be narrating. Anyways, please comment below and enjoy this series!

"Wifely Boi" - Song Story

Hi all! Another "Song Story" for you based on the excellent Black Keys song "Lonely Boy". Enjoy the cap and the original song below!

"Lonely Boy" - Black Keys

The Buddy System

Hi all! Another concept for you that I thought was fun and original because I don't know of many "high school-that-feminize-boys" stories that include an idea like this as part of the school. Let me know what you think/how I should right caps for future editions of "Bimbo High"! (See this link if you don't know what I'm talking about)

"Madams" Family Photo Album #4: Madeline Adams

Link to first cap and explanation of series

Link to third cap in series

Cap 4: Madeline Adams

"Madams" Family Photo Album #5: Macy Adams

Link to previous cap in the series

Cap 5: Macy Adams

"Madams" Family Photo Album #6: Millicent "Milly" Adams

Link to previous caption in the series

Cap 6: Millicent "Milly" Adams

"Madams" Family Photo Album #7: Mackenzie and Mary Adams

Link to previous cap in the series

Cap 7: Mackenzie and Mary Adams

"Madams" Family Photo Album #8: Michelle Adams

Link to previous cap in the series

Cap 8: Michelle Adams

Too Perfect

Homecoming! A great time to get glammed up, slip on a cute dress, and meet some new people! Or if you're Matthew, try to avoid all the bimbos at Bimbo High who think like that. How does his first high school dance go? Find out by reading on!

P.S. Tried a different caption format because I had a lot of text on a smaller image - let me know what you think! 

Scarlett's Honor

Hello everyone! I am SO sorry for not having a post in a LONG time...but there is a very good reason for it! First off, I've been on vacation for two weeks, during which I stayed away from captions. But secondly, and more importantly to you all, I've been cooking up a little something-something while I've been gone. I'll have more details when I finish it, but for now, enjoy the return of the Bimbo High series!



A nine-to-five job rarely guaranteed satisfaction. Lammert, like many other people, knew that but when the economy was harsh, he had to count his blessing.

Money was not an issue, his job pays the bill and still leaves a bit of surplus as he needs little other than a roof over his head and other basic necessities. His alter ego, on the other hand, needs a lot more than that.  

At five, Lammert would always packed up and go. At six, he would have reached home and as he took off his socks and shoes, his blonde hair would grow longer, turning into a darker shade of brown. As he took of his shirt and pants, his body grew slimmer and lose its masculine shape; his chest area expanded and breasts began to develop and grow while his pelvis became larger and his legs became more toned and smooth. Taking off his underwear, he noticed that his cock was getting smaller, as if withdrawing into his body, and being replaced by a nice, moist and tight vagina. Before he hit the shower, he could feel his face configuring itself, his features becoming more soft and his lips becoming more full.

After the shower, Lammert stepped out of the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, he saw a middle-aged brunette with an alluring figure and blew a kiss to it. Opening another cabinet, he fished for a black thong and a blue cocktail dress that emphasise her bosom. Finally, he finished his dress-up with a 3-inches platform heels. Looking into the mirror, Lammert smiled and muttered a word of ‘perfect’ before grabbing his purse and heading out.

At seven-thirty, Cecillia stepped out of her home. It’s been a long tiring day at work and she definitely need a way to relax herself. Perhaps, a free drink or two at the nearby club and a good night of raucous sex will help.

The Mimic: First Step

Oh dear, I deleted this on accident. Reposting so that the next post will make a bit of sense.

Best Friend Forever

Inspired by Trevor’s A Walk in the Park and other bodysuit comics.


Tim and I grew up together and in the process, do everything together; sports, hobbies, studies, parties, outings and even holidays, name any social activity and chances are we did it. Knowing him for 19 years, one could even say that I know him better than anybody else. When we go to different college, our friendship wasn’t even compromised, we would still call and talk and occasionally even meet despite our busy schedule.

So when he announced that he is going to ask a girl out, I wasn’t feeling surprised albeit, a bit jealous; Tim had always been chasing skirt and I was his wingman but because of his introverted personality, he never really got any girl. Unsurprisingly, he came to me dejected that the girl rejected him. I winced and yet at the same time, felt relieved; there was no time. It’s time to put the plans in action.

I must admit, I lied at the beginning. We did most of the things together but even my best friend Tim didn’t know that I’m a closet crossdresser. Going to college, I studied theatre and dramatics as an elective to my arts major and that’s when inspiration strikes: if Tim couldn’t find the perfect woman, why can’t I be the perfect woman for him?

And now here I am, Evvie Haleigh, college student from another state visiting relatives for the weekend. Inspecting my auburn wig (he’s a sucker for redhead), blue cardigan, short pink skirt, flesh-toned tights and the 3-inches pump (He’s a leg man), I ready myself for my “first” encounter with Tim.

“Well, my shy Timmy, here I come,” I giggled in my honeyed voice.

The Trouper

Hi guys, apologies for the irregular updates! I wish I could blame it all on my university but I am partly to blame due to my procrastination. So here's a few caps that I've created. I hope you enjoy them.



To some, ten years is a long time; to others, it may well be the opposite. To me? It’s long enough to master a set of skills.

“Diana, can you look this way? Yes, smile for the camera. Yes, this is good,”

It’s long enough to learn the many different mannerisms of the fairer sex; how they talk, how they walk, how they present themselves, how to pull off those subtle body languages. After this long, one could even learn how they fuck.

“Now Diana, we need you to strip the cardigan off. Give me a sultry look. Great, very lovely, your subscribers are going to love this!”

It’s long enough to master the art of masking; crafting the mask using different materials and methods, adding those little imperfections to fool those who are sharp and most importantly understanding the different definitions of beauty and how to compromise at all.

“Alright Diana, you know what to do. Let’s show off some of those beautiful skin,”

It’s long enough to maintain a suitable figure; enforcing a strict exercise regime that tones and develops the hip, butt and leg and following a relatively strict diet that maintains calories and fats intake.

“Beautiful darling, absolutely dazzling. Lie on the bed. Lovely.”

It’s long enough to craft the perfect body; customising paddings for the pelvis and wearing a corset to emphasise the girly figure, studying different body types and crafting the different bodysuits for them - skin tones, blemishes, customisable breast size, permeability, etc.

“That’s all for the shoot, Diana. It’s a real pleasure working with you again. Dear, you have to share with me your beauty tips. You look stunning everytime I see you.

And it’s long enough to practice and combine all of these together to create the perfect illusion of femininity.

“Well, Chrs. It’s a secret” I winked.

Stupid High

Bimbo High caps are back! This one involves one of Matthew's close acquaintances...getting "stupid high"

"Madams" Family Photo Album #10: Marilyn Adams

Hello all! So this cap is the last* cap in the "Madams" Family Photo Album series. I say "last" because I planned out a series of 10 captions with the conclusion being the proceedings in this cap, and I do want to continue the Bimbo High series that I've gotten started. HOWEVER, I really, really, really enjoyed writing this series for multiple reasons, and would be very open to either 1. Continuing the existing series with the Adams family or 2. Doing a parallel series involving a new family with a new context. If any of you, the few readers who swing by this little captioning site, would like to see this happen, PLEASE leave a comment below or send me an email at to voice your support. I would also be open to giving more details of what I would do in a new series if you would like, but PLEASE leave me opinions/questions to work with so I can make a decision in the next couple of days. Thanks!

With that, here is the conclusion of the Madams series! Maybe you saw it coming, maybe you didn't, but either way, I hope you enjoy it!

Following in My Brother's Heel Steps

So first off, thank you all so very much for the nice feedback yesterday! Four different comments from MsLaraYves, Ambyr, and Loki Trickster really made my day, and also helped me come to a decision on which direction to take the Bimbo High writing! In today's cap I plan on introducing a "narrator" who will describe events at and tell stories about Bimbo High in first person, and most of the caps will come from this person's point of view. That doesn't mean I won't use other styles like exclusively dialogue or an omnipotent 3rd person narrator telling the story, but I think (as did others) that this is a fun style to do and it focuses the plot a bit because it can all be traced back to what the narrator sees/hears/experiences. So without further ado, here is a cap as told by the narrator, Matthew Morgan!