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Today you will make use of your cum dumpster. And you have a choice - what a beautiful day to be a sissy.

Time: 20 minutes
What you will need: your delectable sissy self.

This lesson is mandatory. I'm already giving you a choice, which is more than many sissies deserve.

If for some reason you don't have your cum dumpster you are going to spank yourself hard until you cannot sit. And then are going to sit and write out by hand "I am a sissy. I am sorry I lost my cum dumpster." You will write it 100 times in your best handwriting, numbering each one. If you are truly sorry you will also write out a heartfelt apology and send it.

Option 2

If I had my way I would force you sissies to gulp that cum down. I know how much sissies love being cum-guzzling seed receptacles. But Natalie asked me to be a bit lenient, so now you have a choice. Drink that cum or wear that cum.