new daughter

wet dream

caught peeping

Taming the elixer

for you Evie big hugs and ty for all you create

no more boy's night out

A gift for daddy

Daddy's girl

this is my longest set yet surprisingly the pics told me the story and it came easy i hope you like it  please feel free to comment i love to hear from you and do tell your friends to come by and visit     hugs n kisses .....Meg

subtle change

ex boyfriend

inner girl


slow change

the costume party

i truely hope you enjoy this batch i had some fun writing them and can say that i was truly turned on while doing them  now if you'll excuse me i will go to bed now and releive some of this sexual energy i created.
  night ..........kisss Meg

the morning after

the drink

haloween payback

Megs new girl

the experiment

The porno movie

sister's birthcontrol

The deal

For Miss Simone ty for the  kind inspiration




mother's curse

loving boyfriend

Thanks Evie

My good friend i wanted to do this tribute to express how much you have given all of us.You got me started back in the yahoo days and welcomed this girl into your wonderful ,and creative world so ty so much i love you and wish you all the joy and love this holiday season. ..............kisssss Meg