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RSS: Culinary Arts

Cooking has been a stereotypical activity for women for years. Today you're going to enter into that foray with a twist. You're going to learn how to make fake cum that looks realistic with two simple ingredients.

Time: 15 minutes
What you will need: flour, water, a saucepan, a stove top

Sissies not interested in culinary arts may retake any of the previous lessons.

Good girls will notice that the flavor is not right. Every load of cum tastes a little different, but you may try to correct this with a few drops of lemmon juice or other flavoring, but nothing will really compete with the real thing.

I would expect sissies who lost or misused their cum dumpsters to jump at this opportunity to partially make up for their misdeeds.

If a sissy gives herself a bukkake and photographs herself she may cum before she cleans up. As a special permission, sissies that also email a picture to their mistress may cum again. Otherwise you have not done enough to warrant such a reward, sissy; do not even fucking touch your clit.