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Sissies often only embrace their femininity in superficial ways. Wearing make-up and girly clothes without ever daring to delve deeper. Well today you're going to go a bit deeper.

Time: 30 minutes
What you will need: your lovely sissy self.

Sissies may take Sissy Acceptance if they're still not willing to accept their deeper femininity.

Concerned sissies may use lube (even petroleum jelly will work for such a simple act). But either way you are going to go as deep as you can. I know some sissies are already big anal sluts, and for you completing today's lesson should be easy.

Today you can cum, but you will follow my instructions: you will not jerk your clit. You can cum from anal stimulation or rubbing your clit - or even humping. But you will not wrap your hand or fingers around the tip of your clit or stick your clit in any toys. Things go inside of sissies; sissies do not go inside of things.