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RSS: Oral Aptitude

Your mantra includes aspects of submissiveness and service. One of your greatest accomplishments as a sissy may be sucking a cock - showcasing your passion for both of those aspects of your being at once.

Time: 30 minutes
What you will need: a dildo or dildo equivalent (or a real cock you can suck)

You may alternatively choose to undertake Physical Education or Sissy Acceptance.

If you can practice this without scraping your teeth on the shaft, and while constantly in motion sucking and bobbing and slurping then you may cum. But only as long as you promise to dip your dildo in that cum and suck it clean for another 5 minutes. Don't you fucking dare cum into a tissue or refuse to suck that cock afterwards, sissy.

Depending on how good at cocksucking you become you may make guys cum in mere minutes, but a filthy sissy like you will probably want to serve a line of cocks, so it's best to prepare your whore mouth early.