dance lessions

dance lessions 2

How does it feel?

4 shorts

working on a few longer stories at the moment but when i saw these pics i just had to do something with them. Which one is your favorite ? Big hugs an kisses......Meg

new life

 whew hi all it's been awhile firstly , i am well i did have a small scare but like everything in life it passess. i have missed you all and hope you will forgive my neglect. this is the first of many i have on the board so enjoy . as always your coments are always welcome kissess..............Meg

two new ones



mad scientist

the warning

magic act

summer camp

   oh the joys of summer camp. when i was 12 my folks sent me to a camp called  Lake of the Trees ,it was a coed camp with us girls in cabins by the lake and boys up the hill. I enjoyed my first boy kiss there . Maybe thats why i prefer kissing girls now lol. hope this triggers fond memories for you as well .I may add to this on as summer progresses and you all like  any sugestions are always welcome. Kissess....... Meg