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Truth or Dare 2

Ready to brave the waters of another bout of Truth or Dare, sissy? Some girls may still be a bit behind and may want to check in on the first round from last month.

Truth: Have you ever gone outside fully dressed like a girl?

Many sissies dress in the safety and privacy of their own homes. There are even closet crossdressers afraid of venturing outside their bedrooms with any hint of femininity about them. But have you ever braved the great outside with makeup and feminine clothing caressing your curves? How did it feel? Wonderful, exhilirating, heart-stopping? Or maybe you've gone out all the time and it's become common for you to turn heads as people stare at your beautiful figure?

Your inner girl certainly deserves to feel the wind whipping through her hair (or rustling underneath her skirt), so hopefully you've gone outside dressed to the hilt (or garter, as the case may be). If you've never gone out is it simple fear? There's no reason to be a cowardly sissy - women are strong, proud and courageous and you should be, too. Think about how you could get out and about like a girl - even if it's slipping out through the garage ...in your car...at night.

Dare: I dare you to step outside in daylight wearing a skirt.

Skirts are quintessential feminine articles. Men may wear kilts, but only sissies and women wear skirts. And only real women and devoted girls-to-be go outside wearing skirts.

You don't need makeup. You don't need oodles of time. But the next time it's daylight and you've got free time I dare you to go outside wearing a (visible!) skirt. Not covered over with pants or a blanket. A real, honest-to-sissydom skirt. Just stay outside for at least a minute. Sit. While away some time dreaming of your future aspirations as a sissy.

The first step is always hardest, so after you've gone with a skirt it may be the perfect time to go a bit further with something else. Maybe you could go shopping with a well made-up feminine face...

Got out there and get 'em, girl!