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Essence (Assignment)

Many sissies get hung up on the kink and excitement of exotic feminine wear. But sometimes the common, normal, everyday pair of panties becomes too common, normal and everyday.

So today you have a special assignment to reconnect you with the garment that most often convinces sissies to embrace their feminine side and leave the woes of their masculinity behind: panties.

Go to a department store and find the women's wear section. Look for all the different kinds of underwear they have there. Make sure you look around all over. If you're not sure you've seen everything ask a store employee for assistance.

Once you've seen everything mull over which pair you would want to buy. Don't just pick the first pair you see and run off. Really think, sissy. Which pair of sensuous panties cries out to you? Are you a thong kind of gal? Basic cotton - maybe with a bow in front? Or are you really racy enough that you would want to wear silky, lacy ruffled panties all day?

Find the pair that speaks to you the most. You don't have to buy them (sissies shopping for clothes tend to be a bit short on cash), but maybe you should. They could be your bottom's next bosom buddy. And of course, there may be a matching bra to be your bosom's bosom buddy, too.

And if any clerk or employee asks, you should be a good, honest girl and tell them the truth: that you're looking for the best pair of panties for a very special person.