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Girl's Day Out (Game)

Today: a game that combines two perfect activities for you ladies. Shopping has been feminine past time for years, and more recently it has even become a hobby. And of course, it wouldn't be much of a game if we didn't help feminize you and your lifestyle just a little bit.

For you closeted sissies this will be slightly more difficult, but you'll get the secret satisfaction that your room (or apartment or house) is slowly filling with girly things for your sissy side.

You're going to buy feminine objects that you'll use or wear or see every day to help remind you of how much of a sissy you are. The most feminine colors are pastels (very light colors), purple, pink, and lavender. Turquoise and white are also generally feminine colors, but they're far too easy for you to pretend they don't belong to your sissy side.

Anything smaller than a fist counts as one. Anything bigger is two. Only non-food, non-perishable items count (so no box of pink wafer cookies). Sets of things only count once. If it's feminine clothing it counts double (and white, turquoise and black are also acceptable). Make-up also counts double.

The pink-purple spectrum counts double as well.

And this is a shopping trip sissy. That means no online shopping. You're visiting actual, physical, brick-and-mortar (or poured concrete...whatever the case may be) stores. Drive, walk, skip, prance - it's up to you, so long as you're there in person. Your final haul must include items from at least 3 stores.

Your goal is 10 points of femininity.

This could be: a pack of pink mechanical pencils (2 - pink and small); a purple clothing hamper (4 - purple and large); a set of pastel barrettes (1 - pastel and small); a pair of pink panties (4 - small and feminine clothing and pink).

Or simply follow this sissies excellent outfit guide and you'll be there in no time:

Next time you need to go out for clothes, household supplies or decorations play the game and you'll be surrounded by feminine things in no time. The sissy you will love it.