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Rolling for Femininity (Game)

Alea iacta esto! Not up on your Latin (or English idioms)? "The die has been cast" - what Julius Caesar supposedly said as he crossed the Rubicon and invaded Rome to seize power. That's a bit dramatic, but today you'll get to seize a bit more femininity for yourself.

Find a six-sided die. Now you get to do some simple rolling for a task that any sissy can complete at home. Iacta cubum (roll your die, sissy!).

Put on a simple dress (or just panties if you don't have a dress). Relax on a couch or bed - laying on your side with your knees together. Watch the girliest thing you have available - this could be Oxygen or Lifetime if you have cable, a cute anime on DVD or a romantic comedy (Hulu has some stuff if you have no other ideas). Enjoy for at least one and a half hours.

Perform some simple nail care; file and buff your fingernails. You're aiming for a nice elongated oval shape. Nails don't always cooperate and you might have to content yourself with just well-rounded edges. Trim your toenails as well (make sure there's no gross dirt beneath them). If you have nail polish put on at least one coat. You don't need to keep it on, but maybe you should, sissy.

Wet down your groin area with warm water. Wash it thoroughly (take a shower if it's easier for you). Carefully shave everything beneath your clitty. If you want to keep a bush make sure you trim it properly (a simple triangle or cute heart of short 1cm long hair would be pretty). You don't need to shave your legs too, but hopefully you're already being a good girl and keeping them smooth.

Practice improving your penwomanship for 30 minutes. Look here if you need some inspiration. Sign your (female!) name until you can do it comfortably. Try writing a short autobiography (surely something in your life must have led you to sissydom!). I'm sure you can find a pretty pink pencil (well, I'm sure you can find one at home where the eraser is pink, anyway) and some paper.

Practice speaking with a female voice for 30 minutes. Try starting here if you're lost. As an alternative quick method you can try: Breathe deeply, gargle with your voice until it's as low as you can go without having it crack or skip, repeat "Wicked Witch of the West" thirty or more times while trying to speak like an old man or old lady. Hold a pillow or towel over your face if volume is a concern.

Draw a heart on your body with a sharpie. Write "SISSY" inside of it. The letters should be easily legible and at least 1cm tall. Draw the heart first and then write; if it ends up too small fill in the heart and try again. Your first try can be in red ink, but each subsequent try must be black or blue ink. Write anywhere but the soles of your feet.

Most of the visitors are from the US and use imperial standards. You don't need to run off to find a metric ruler; a half-inch will do fine, ladies.

Actually Julius Ceasar most likely said, "anerriphtho kybos" (in Greek), but understanding Latin and classical Greek are not necessary for you to become the best girl you can be. Unless you aspire to be a domina in ancient Rome.