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Nailed It! (Assignment)

Today is pedicure day!

To help keep you honest after playing with your clitty we're going to help make sure you can't immediately undo all of your precious work. You'll need a box you can lock with a padlock (not a combination lock). A simple bicycle lock will work.

Make sure all the nail polish remover in your house fits inside the box. Find a large plastic or paper cup (if you don't, try a convenience store coffee cup). Fill the cup with water. Connect some string to a toothpick and tie the other end to your key so that you can hang the key right in the middle of the cup. Put the whole thing in a freezer and get started on your pedicure!

Pedicure's work best if you have a whole set of skin and nail care products, but today you can get by for this assignment so long as you have a clear nail polish that can work as a base coat and a colored nail polish. If you'd like to go for the whole shebang, you could start with a basic pedicure guide online - like here or here.

There are a few basic highlights. Soak your feet and clean them well; spot cleaning is best done with nail polish remover, which can help remove oils - as well as its intended purpose removing nail polish. Clip your nails so that they don't extend beyond your toe. Cut them straight across. Don't try to put the clippers between your toe surface and the nail at the corners; this can lead to a type of in-grown nail.

With that pedicure prep out of the way, you can start on your polish. Put on a clear base coat. Let it dry completely. Wait a full hour if you have to. No stroking; I'd hate for you to accidentally lose heart half-way through.

Now it's time for the colored polish. And it should be colored. No nudes or half-tones. If you pick a flesh-toned pink it ought to be shiny or glittery.

Most girls have a multitude of nail colors, I'm sure you can find something. Red is the traditional option, but it's also not particularly popular for normal wear for most women. I suggest a shimmering pink, light metallic blue, or dark maroon or purple.

You only need to apply one coat, but depending on your polish and color you may want to apply a second. If it looks exceptional then you're ready for the next step. If it's streaky, bubbly, smeared or in any way not immaculate...well, then you'll have to use that nail polish remover and start all over again. Clean any polish from your cuticles if you happen to color outside the lines. Make sure you don't accidentally foul your pedicure polish cleaning up.

You want to be able to make it perfect not only so it looks excellent on you, but also so you can more quickly and reliably apply it in the future.

Toenails looking stunning, sissy? Great! Now it's time to take that nail polish remover and lock it away. You may only play with your clitty once the key is encased in ice.

You should keep that polish on for 3 days. If you have the urge to remove it after playing with yourself then take the key out of the freezer and let it start thawing (I'd hate to see you lose or damage the key breaking the ice apart...). If at any time before it thaws you get excited again you should put the key back in the freezer. You must also put it back in the freezer before you go to sleep.

If for some reason you break down and can't follow these directions you should do the assignment again - adding in a manicure with polish for good measure. And this time either pour out your remover or bury the padlocked box - it's for your own good, sissy.