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Online Sissy Quizzes

Find out what sort of sissy you are. There's a wide variety to aspire to! Do you just want to be a pretty princess at home, dressing to express your femininity and innocence? Do you aspire to become a beautiful girl in both thought and body, improving yourself for yourself? Do you dream of being submissive and serving, sucking cock and drinking creamy cum? Do you see yourself as a feminized tool of others, a toy for the amusement of your betters? Or even something else!?

Or maybe you're a bit of an indecisive sissy, switching from one role to the next. That's okay too - as long as you're the girl you deserve to be. Here are a few quizzes that might help you decide.

Sissy Quizzes

Enlighten your inner sissy. Just what is your girly purpose? Of course, if you just like expressing your feminine side you might be best off with a few fashion quizzes or femininity quizzes.

What kind of sissy are you?

Decent variations in questions (at least in relation to sissydom), but the results are somewhat limited. I am a pantyslut.

Are you a Sissy Slut?

Exotic and arousing. Find out if you feel at home dressed up or going down, basically. Unfortunately it's not automated, but some of the best sissy quizzes aren't. I've got about 41.

Your Feminization Quotient

A fairly old standby for finding out how far you've gone as a sissy. I am at a lowly 49. Scoring is available on the general test page.

Fellatio Fanatic Test

Fairly in-depth with a variety of questions. OKCupid/Hello Quizzy used to have an excellent 'cocksucking slut test,' but unfortunately it disappeared.

Gender/Sex Quizzes

Looking for something a bit more mundane? Is your personality womanly without necessarily being too sissified? These quizzes honestly attempt to determine what sex you are.

The Spark Gender Quiz
(unfortunately requires a login)

Bases its analysis on pattern recognition, gender roles, perceptions, consensus and some other factors. I remember taking it years ago and getting a "0% certain you are a woman." Now I get a "24% certain you are a woman." I recommend answering honestly and seeing what you get.

BBC's Sex ID Quiz

Uses an assortment of biology and psychology to determine if your brain exhibits more masculine or feminine thought patterns. Fittingly, I guess, I ended up right in the middle with a 0. Apparently I've very good at rotating 3D shapes in my head though, so bonus!).

Should you be male or female?

Asks questions that aren't very stereotypical to guess at your sex. I am apparently either male or female.

The famed COGIATI

The COGIATI was developed as a means of helping inform people if they have transsexual tendencies. It provides an interesting view of your state of mind, but is only applicable for MTF transsexualism. I get a 65, which puts me in the middle androgynous category leaning towards feminity (Well, I did say I was a sissy and a tomboy!). But don't take the results too seriously, the test is only a "prototype" and not an accepted psychological profiling exam. There's also the longer (and attempting to be more psychologically applicable) SAGE.

Feel free to share any quizzes you really like. Like if you are a slut or even a cumslut.