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The Trouper

Hi guys, apologies for the irregular updates! I wish I could blame it all on my university but I am partly to blame due to my procrastination. So here's a few caps that I've created. I hope you enjoy them.



To some, ten years is a long time; to others, it may well be the opposite. To me? It’s long enough to master a set of skills.

“Diana, can you look this way? Yes, smile for the camera. Yes, this is good,”

It’s long enough to learn the many different mannerisms of the fairer sex; how they talk, how they walk, how they present themselves, how to pull off those subtle body languages. After this long, one could even learn how they fuck.

“Now Diana, we need you to strip the cardigan off. Give me a sultry look. Great, very lovely, your subscribers are going to love this!”

It’s long enough to master the art of masking; crafting the mask using different materials and methods, adding those little imperfections to fool those who are sharp and most importantly understanding the different definitions of beauty and how to compromise at all.

“Alright Diana, you know what to do. Let’s show off some of those beautiful skin,”

It’s long enough to maintain a suitable figure; enforcing a strict exercise regime that tones and develops the hip, butt and leg and following a relatively strict diet that maintains calories and fats intake.

“Beautiful darling, absolutely dazzling. Lie on the bed. Lovely.”

It’s long enough to craft the perfect body; customising paddings for the pelvis and wearing a corset to emphasise the girly figure, studying different body types and crafting the different bodysuits for them - skin tones, blemishes, customisable breast size, permeability, etc.

“That’s all for the shoot, Diana. It’s a real pleasure working with you again. Dear, you have to share with me your beauty tips. You look stunning everytime I see you.

And it’s long enough to practice and combine all of these together to create the perfect illusion of femininity.

“Well, Chrs. It’s a secret” I winked.