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Best Friend Forever

Inspired by Trevor’s A Walk in the Park and other bodysuit comics.


Tim and I grew up together and in the process, do everything together; sports, hobbies, studies, parties, outings and even holidays, name any social activity and chances are we did it. Knowing him for 19 years, one could even say that I know him better than anybody else. When we go to different college, our friendship wasn’t even compromised, we would still call and talk and occasionally even meet despite our busy schedule.

So when he announced that he is going to ask a girl out, I wasn’t feeling surprised albeit, a bit jealous; Tim had always been chasing skirt and I was his wingman but because of his introverted personality, he never really got any girl. Unsurprisingly, he came to me dejected that the girl rejected him. I winced and yet at the same time, felt relieved; there was no time. It’s time to put the plans in action.

I must admit, I lied at the beginning. We did most of the things together but even my best friend Tim didn’t know that I’m a closet crossdresser. Going to college, I studied theatre and dramatics as an elective to my arts major and that’s when inspiration strikes: if Tim couldn’t find the perfect woman, why can’t I be the perfect woman for him?

And now here I am, Evvie Haleigh, college student from another state visiting relatives for the weekend. Inspecting my auburn wig (he’s a sucker for redhead), blue cardigan, short pink skirt, flesh-toned tights and the 3-inches pump (He’s a leg man), I ready myself for my “first” encounter with Tim.

“Well, my shy Timmy, here I come,” I giggled in my honeyed voice.