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Sheer Denier (Assignment)

I know, some of you sissies might still be working on my last assignment, but it's a special time of year for sissies that I want to make sure you don't pass up.

That's right, Halloween!

Many sissies choose to let their inner girl run free on Halloween. It's the one day of the year where she can be completely uninhibited. Make-up, dresses, skirts, cheerleader outfits - anything works (although dedicated sissies may get odd looks if panties are involved. But there are other sissies who completely neglect this holiday and keep their inner girl locked up tight. Well not this time. If nothing else you are going to buy a small present for her.

It doesn't matter if you're a poor college student, living with your parents, a closet sissy hiding your femininity from your wife, or a free-spirited sissy who loves to go out dressed to the nines. You need to buy pantyhose tomorrow (also called tights in some countries). You are going to go to a department store, a drugstore, a pharmacy - wherever you can find pantyhose. And you are going to splurge on your inner sissy and buy her a pair. Get pink or flesh-toned or black or white - whatever calls out to your femininity. But whichever denier/sheerness you want (smoother will feel more sensual, but is easier to damage).

And since it is Halloween pansy little sissies can claim they are buying the tights for a costume. Ask a clerk for help if you wish (or wander around until you find them, whichever will get you in those tights). Make sure they fit by reading the packaging on the back, though, sissy. There is usually sizing information on the back.

There's absolutely no reason you shouldn't be wearing a pair of pantyhose tomorrow. This is $2 (or 1£/1.50€) that your sissy deserves. If you have to miss a meal to buy them your inner girl won't mind, trust me.

Put them on by rolling them down to the footy for one leg. Stick your foot in and pull them tight by pressing your hand against the fabric and sliding it tight (don't use your fingernails, that's how you get runs in your pantyhose). Once you have one leg up high enough, follow suit with the other leg. Once they're above your knees you can grab them by the waistband and bring them up to settle on your hips (pulling them up with your palms as necessary). Then enjoy the sensual, smooth feel of your budding femininity wrapped around your legs.

Of course, they're better with smooth legs, but some sissies are too afraid to shave.

Inspired sissies may want to go all out with the "I'm dressing as a girl for Halloween" excuse and pick-up all the makeup they can carry. Of course, sissies completely comfortable with picking up their feminine articles whenever they need them will have cut out one errand from their future.

Much love and luck to you sissies! And a Happy Halloween (probably dressed as a girl :D )!